What We Do

The Credibility Coalition serves as a nexus for addressing the issue of information credibility. Members of our coalition facilitate, organize and take part in a variety of activities to advance our goals, including:

We Build Community and Increase Capacity

Our community facilitates collegial discussions about content credibility and solutions to misinformation. Our goal is to increase the capacity of non-profit organizations, industry, governments and individuals to understand the challenge of identifying credible information online.

Credibility Coalition Events and Meetups

Credibility Coalition also organizes, supports, partners in, and joins regular gatherings and meetings around the world where people and organizations from diverse backgrounds discuss information credibility.

We Incubate Collaborative Inquiry

Credibility Coalition fosters collaborations aimed at comprehensively describing misinformation and identifying solutions from diverse perspectives.

Our Incubation Model

Our support for inquiry typically follows an incubation model, where Credibility Coalition provides meeting space, community infrastructure, networking and some financial support for travel and other expenses. We then work to communicate and explain the results of these collaborations to technologists, other researchers and policymakers.

Credibility Coalition Working Groups

As part of our incubation model, Credibility Coalition provides support to cross-disciplinary working groups where members advance their own inquiries in response to our guiding questions in a decentralized way.

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We Support Research

Our community engages in and supports collaborative research through a variety of activities and pilot projects, including:

About CredCatalog

CredCo facilitates collaboration with CredCatalog, a comprehensive directory of organizations and initiatives active in the information credibility space

Above all, Credibility Coalition fosters creative approaches to research, with an emphasis on diversity and collaboration. We then communicate the results of our research with our peers and with the public to help build consensus on how to identify and address misinformation.

We Advance Standards

Our community advances ideation and exchange around credibility standards in order to support cooperative solutions that involve technologists, industry and institutions in a variety of ways, including:

Indicator Development

Our research community develops definitions for indicators or signals (units of information that may factor into machine approaches to reduce misinformation or to promote online information quality).


We administer microgrants that test credibility signals and indicators in standards research that encourage our recipients to offer their results for peer review.

External Projects

We support the ongoing development of indicators and signals in external projects such as CredWeb, a common specification or standard for credibility signals that is conversant with members of the W3C.

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